About Us

We often hear extraordinary claims about a company’s “experience” when it comes to ECU/ECM tuning. 35 years, 50 years!!! So electronic control units have only been around since roughly 1995 and really only became into common use in the early 2000’s so what does 50 years mean?? 10 guys with 5 years experience? Two people 25years experience when really 15 would be the realistic number? Seriously these companies think we are stupid touting ridiculous numbers to the point where you have to say were you 3 when you started? Boosted Performance Tuning Solutions has pulled together the most experienced and qualified tuners we can find to provide the highest quality tunes it is that simple. We use programmers who’s experience ranges from 15years+ to some with only a few years but our focus is constantly on quality. We have programmers who specialize in AG equipment others that specialize in Cummins engines others that only tune European engines. With Boosted Performance Tuning Solutions you can be assured that we use the most qualified resources to bring you the very best every time. Some of our file developers have been involved in the market since Common Rail Tuning first appeared on the market, others are qualified and trained with manufacturers coding development teams.

Every tune we provide is customized every time. Now “customized” is a phrase completely undefined by the industry, what does it mean? For some it’s taking an altered library file and writing that on to your machine, for others its upping the boost and increasing the fuelling by a nominal percentage. BPTS uses the most advanced editing software well beyond the standard editing software provided by the tool manufacturers and we use this advantage to provide the very best truly customised tune every time. Taking into account the customers objectives, the safe limits on the machinery and the operating environment. As with most tuning your common levers are Boost, Fuel and Rail pressure which of course we alter but then torque limits, EGR function, throttle maps etc.