Why Tune?

Tuning is an investment, so you should only tune when the return is clear and can be done safely not only in the short term but for the life of the asset.

The benefits are simple, fuel savings and productivity along with other benefits that are not as quantifiable such as use-ability/drive-ability, increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Enquire about a tune here and we will respond with not only cost but likely benefits.

What is ECU/ECM Tuning?

Using specialized software BPTS reads the program currently on the ECM/ECU then uses other software change the parameters such as Boost, Fuel injection, torque limiters etc to gain the additional power and fuel savings. This is where BPTS raises above the standard of most tuning groups in two ways:

We actually edit every file – a surprising number use standard library files, you can tell the difference, real tuning takes time.
Most companies use the standard editing software that comes with the tools used to read the file in the first place, this rarely gives the programmer full table definition. BPTS uses a number of tools providing greater definition so therefore more parameters to alter to achieve better/safer tunes.

What is altered?

A variety of parameters can be changed and fine-tuned to achieve the result ‘you’ require. We can change fuelling, injection settings, torque limits and targets, boost pressure and a host of other specifications. The actual changes made are dependant on the equipment being tuned and the customers objectives. How much a parameter is changed is also dependant on the safe limits of the engine and drive train. This is where experience matters, we often see good car/4×4 tuners try their hand at Truck and AG tuning only to fail, usually making the same mistake taking components too close to theoretical limits. BPTS specializes in commercial tuning and is known for its conservative approach to not only maximizing the benefits but doing so without compromising the long term integrity of the asset.

Is it safe?

You will observe manufacturers use exactly the same engine for many models varying in both duty and power. BPTS uses this flexibility to provide safe tunes. Occasionally is the engine the limiting factor however more typically it is the cooling system, transmission limit or another axillary component that provides the constraining factor.