BPTS is one of the largest specialists in Agricultural tuning with a solid presence in several countries around the globe.

The reason for our success is simple, firstly every tune we do is truly customized, no library files but truly customized for use, fuel and environment. Every tune, every time. While this does reduce our profit margin it has enabled us to grow with word of mouth and repeat business of very satisfied customers.

Secondly BPTS tunes look to maximize the returns of the asset over the life of the asset rather than maximizing the performance today. This has gained us a reputation of conservative tuning. So much so we often tune machinery before it is delivered from the Dealership.

Every tune is customized so even though we talk about Power Tunes, Economy Tunes and Blended Tunes but this is to simplify what is a limitless combination of possibilities. Our dealers prefer to discuss what you are looking for and these details are then passed on to our specialist programmers. With years of experience our programmers can produce files to fit your objectives based on your crop, location and engine limits.

As an example: BPTS tune a large number of Combines and with limited feedback from the customer we would target a 15 and 15 tune. 15% fuel savings per hour and 15% increase in productivity, so not only do you save fuel per hour but within the same hour achieve 15% more work. Putting labor costs aside your fuel saving per acre work out to around 28%. Now this would be a “typical” result however there is no point chasing productivity if the ancillary equipment can not keep up, equally fuel savings may not be a consideration if productivity is high priority so direction from the customer is very important.

The makes we cover include but are not limited to:

Agco Artec Atlas Belarus Berthoud Bombardier Buhler Versatile
Camox Case IH Caterpillar Challenger Claas CMI Crary Deutz
Doosan Ecolog Fendt GVM Hagie HBM Nobas
Hitachi Hydrema Hyundai JCB JohnDeere Kaessbohrer Komatsu
Kubota Lamborghini Landini Laverda Linde Lindner MacDon
Manitou Massey Ferguson Matrot Cormick Miller New Holland
Prentice Reform RMH Lachish Rotselmash Same Schaffer Sennebogen
Steyr Tecnoma Tigercat Valtra Versa Yale

BPTS use the very latest editing software so have greater definition of the data than most so we are able to achieve more safely than most in the market. If it is controlled by the ECU/ECM BPTS can charge it. So whatever the request, enquire and we will let you know what is possible.