Medium – Heavy Duty

BPTS started with a focus on commercial tuning right from beginning taking ECU/ECM tuning for being a hobby focused on maximum power and performance to be a commercial investment.

The mindset is around maximizing the Trucks value over the lifetime of the asset without compromising on reliability or life expectancy of the engine. Now there is no such thing as a free ride clearly if you are adding more power then naturally there is more natural stress on components but equally an engine is less stressed if running optimally. The net impact can be debated endlessly with valid arguments on both sides our observation over the years has been neutral with no customer feedback pointing toward increased maintenance ( if fact slightly improved ) nor decreased engine life.

While off road tunes are available BPTS tends to focus on tunes with little or no modifications to the engines keeping the engine and components within manufacturers specs. If you are looking to modify your engine, then we have the programmers capable of matching a tune to your modification.

So where do the benefits come from:

  • Fuel Savings
  • Productivity
  • Drive-ability

Clearly fuel savings is the main contributor to achieving a return on your investment, this varies significantly from make and model so contact us for realistic numbers on what we believe is achievable. Productivity is harder to measure with trips often quicker but how to measure this an realize the value is tricky to quantify however the benefit of reduced downtime and greater reliability is clear.

So how do we achieve these results? You will notice most engines will appear in many models with varying bhp and torque numbers and it is common knowledge most Manufacturers have limited program variation so need to have programs to cover the most extreme conditions, the worst fuel and a wide variation in use. When we customize we are able to take advantage of these variations and remove the redundancies that do not pertain to the way and where you use your Truck.